Plugin for bludit CMS to use "isso" as commenting system
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"name": "Isso client",
"description": "Use Isso comments in your bludit blog. (This is only a client implementation. You still need an Isso server! Visit for more info.) "
"intro-header": "-- See the project page for more info about Isso: --",
"enable-on-page": "Enable Isso on pages",
"enable-on-post": "Enable Isso on posts",
"enable-on-default-page": "Enable Isso on default home page",
"path-to-data": "Path to Isso data (e.g. your fcgi script)",
"path-to-script": "Path to script source for Isso (e.g. embed.js)",
"path-to-css": "Path to custom CSS file",
"required-settings": "Required settings",
"optional-settings": "Optional settings",
"true": "true",
"false": "false",
"color-code": "colorcode (e.g. \"#2277aa\")",
"language-code": "language code (e.g. \"en\")",
"number": "number",
"no-script-msg": "The comment section powered by Isso can not be shown without javascript!"