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Max mal Richtig's "miryoku-ish" QMK layout for the Corne Keyboard

How to build this layout

This repo is intendend to be used as a submodule with the upstream QMK firmware.

  1. Clone QMK - e.g. with qmk setup
  2. Add this repo as a submodule to your local QMK clone:
    git submodule add https://this_repos_address <QMK_PATH>/keyboards/crkbd/keymaps/maxmalrichtig
  3. Build the keymap with qmk compile -kb crkbd -km maxmalrichtig
  4. Flash both halfes of the board with qmk flash -kb crkbd -km maxmalrichtig

With which QMK commit will this build?

(One of the) last successful builds was possible with the QMK commit you can find in

How do I get the current commit into this file?

From QMK directory:
git rev-parse origin/HEAD > keyboards/crkbd/keymaps/maxmalrichtig/